About Us


 Running a business today is complicated. Employers face a myriad of legal and employment related requirements,responsibilities, obligations and the threat of lawsuits not only by third parties,but also from within their own organization. Many of these exposures cannot be addressed by insurance alone, and indeed many of these exposures are in fact uninsurable.

That’s where we come in! We have made a substantial investment to bring our clients valuable business consulting services that go far beyond mere insurance, as you can see in the table below.


 We redefine “Good Service”. Ask any insurance broker what makes them different, more valuable and therefore more deserving of you business than other brokers. Chances are they won’t be able to give you a compelling answer. You’ll stump them if you ask them exactly what they mean by “good service”.

Here’s our answers:

Coverage Deficiency Analysis. We will conduct a comprehensive review of your current coverage and exposures, and we will then give you a report detailing deficiencies that probably exist in your current program,and then suggest corrective measures

Valuable Consulting Services. Our clients enjoy free Labor Legal consulting, Human Resource questions, Employee Handbook Review, General Business Legal help (contract, review, etc.) and other value added services.

Unequaled Carrier Representation. As part of the ISU network, we represent hundreds of quality carriers.No one can match our ability to really shop the market on your behalf!

A Team of Experts Works On Your BehalfWe don’t assign generalists )”jack of all trades, masters of none”)to service your account. We take a team approach and you’ll work with a group of individuals each specializing in specific areas like Worker’s Compensation, Employee Benefits and Commercial Package exposures.