Does Auto Insurance Cover The Passenger?

Auto Insurance Coverage

Understanding how your Murrieta, CA auto insurance protects your passengers.

Getting into a car accident is never ideal. Best case scenario, it’s just a minor fender bender and the biggest issue you face is the hassle of little bit of paperwork. The severity of the accident is not the only factor that can increase the trouble it gives you, though. If you have passengers in your car at the time of an accident, you will likely be left wondering how to get them the medical attention they need.

We can help! Here’s what you need to know about the coverage your auto insurance offers to your passengers.

  • If you were at fault, your medical payments coverage can step in to cover the medical expenses of your passengers. If, however, you’re not carrying this type of coverage, your passenger has two options. He or she could use his or her own health insurance for the costs, or could sue you for the damages. In short, if you’re not carrying medical payments coverage, you’re leaving yourself exposed to the possibility of a lawsuit every time you drive with a passenger.
  • If the other driver was at fault, he or she should be carrying liability insurance that includes bodily injury coverage, which can cover medical expenses for your passengers. The problem is that although this type of insurance is legally required in California, all too many people go without it. Fortunately, you can carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to protect yourself and your passengers against the expense that could come with this type of accident.

Protecting your passengers is likely a priority for you, and we can help you get the information you need to rest easy knowing you’ve safeguarded your precious cargo. Contact ISU Insurance Services – Cormarc Tasman in Murrieta, CA to talk with an expert about how your auto insurance can step in for your passengers.