Tips For Passing A Smog Test

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Smog Test 101

In California, nearly all cars are required to undergo a smog test in order to legally cruise the open roads. This requirement became a part of the Clean Air Act that was passed in the 1970s. While these tests are intended to make for cleaner air and overall higher quality of life for motorists, smog tests have received a reputation for being a burden. Rather than viewing a necessary smog test as a burden, keep these important tips in mind for prepping your car for a smog test:

  • Whenever you see the “check engine” light, go to the mechanic! While the cause is sometimes a faulty sensor, it can be dangerous to overlook this alert. Do not become lazy when it comes to the well being of your car.
  • To ensure your car is ready for the smog test, drive at highway speeds for about two weeks before the big day. This ensures that the catalytic converter is able to heat to the proper temperatures when gas and oil residues are burned.
  • If your car is in need of an oil change in the near future, get it done before the smog test. This ensures that no dirty oil in your crankcase results in poor smog test results.
  • You can also benefit by having your mechanic do a tune-up about two weeks before the smog test. This will help you determine whether or not there are any problem areas that need attention.
  • It may be wise to get a pre-inspection to see if your car is going to actually pass the smog test. If you think your car is on the borderline for passing, it is best to know in advance and not when your results are immediately sent to the DMV.

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