How To: Drive with Black Ice on the Road

Black Ice & Auto Insurance Murrieta CA

Safely drive through black ice on the road by using this guide.

Winter driving brings a whole host of risks your way. In part of California, it means heavy rains slicking the roads and reducing your visibility. In others, it means dumping snow and icy roadways. Although these things are definitely hazardous, there is another risk that can be even more dangerous. Black ice is a serious winter roadway peril not just because it makes the road slippery, but also because you can’t see it!

We want to help you drive safely even with black ice on the road, so we’ve put together this step-by-step guide and great Murrieta, CA auto insurance for you.

  1. Anticipate It. While black ice blends into the road, making it extremely difficult to spot, you can still get a pretty good idea of where you’ll encounter it. Expect black ice on parts of the road that don’t get very much sun, overpasses, underpasses, and bridges. When you’re driving over any of these surfaces, slow down and get ready for ice.
  2. Drive Through It. When you hit black ice, the best thing you can do is stay calm. Keep your steering wheel straight (don’t make any sudden moves with it!) and avoid the temptation to slam on your brakes. Release your gas pedal and let your car slow naturally, gently steering to stay on the road.
  3. Get Out of It. If you’re skidding on black ice, try shifting into a lower gear to get more control. Avoid your brakes, since they’ll only make your slide worse. Look for the nearest area of traction, like a snow-covered patch of the road or a sandy shoulder where you can regain traction and navigate there.

While our hope is that this guide helps you avoid black ice-related issues, we want to have you covered if you do get into an accident this winter. For all of your auto insurance needs in Murrieta and the neighboring California cities, contact ISU Insurance Services-Cormarc Tasman.