Safeguarding Your Boat

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Use These Tips To Keep Your Boat Water Worthy

Maintaining a boat is a significant commitment, but when you get out on the open water under the California sun all of the time and work becomes worth it. The problem, of course, is that in order to keep enjoying the payoff for your hard work your boat needs to be ready to head out on the water. Use these tips to avoid damages to your boat.

  • Know the requirements of your particular boat’s maintenance. Keep up with the proper, code-compliant parts and routinely scheduled maintenance.
  • Make sure your cockpit is kept covered so your boat’s drains will be protected.
  • Check the cooling system regularly to inspect for split hoses, loose fittings, or other small issues that could create a big problem out on the water.
  • If you leave your boat docked through the winter months, check on it periodically to make sure everything is staying in good working order.
  • When you tie your boat down, use lengthy lines so it has the freedom to rise and lower with the tide without strain.
  • When docking, opt for the downwind side when possible to minimize the amount of contact your boat will make with the dock.
  • Check for leaks everyone once in a while. You can do this by docking your boat and spraying the inside down with a hose. This will show you if water is draining anywhere it should not be.

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