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General Liability Insurance coverage is one of the most important policies for a company. Our insurance professionals can develop a customized policy that provides coverage for on-site liability issues such as Slip and Fall Type Accidents, Personal Injury, Advertising and Marketing, Damage from Services and Goods, and Product Liability and Completed Operations. A General Liability Insurance Policy developed for your business can also cover supplemental payments for Attorney and Court Fees, or other legal costs associated with a claim or defense of a liability law suit.

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While General Liability Insurance is your company’s first line of defense against a claim, Umbrella Liability Insurance is intended to respond in the event the General Liability Policy is exhausted or does not cover the loss. We can provide the right policy that meets the needs of your company. With our national buying power and local dedicated professionals, we can ensure that your company has the right insurance you need to protect your business assets.



In an ever growing litigious environment, it is critical that your company’s Officers and Board of Directors are not personally liable for crippling law suits. Without the right D&O Insurance for these top executives, it will be difficult for recruit and retain top talent. D&O provides your executives personal liability and financial loss protection from wrongful acts committed- or allegedly committed- in their capacity as your corporate officers.



Companies who provide professional and technology services, or are non-profit organizations, face exposure to lawsuits for financial loss experienced by their customers.
These claims are generally for negligent acts that occurred when services were provided. Additionally, defense costs incurred by the insured to defend themselves, and/or the company, are also covered under this insurance. E&O insurance is the core of an effective risk and liability management strategy. Our professionals can help you identify your company’s specific exposures and structure a cost-effective insurance solution which will include the appropriate type and limits of E&O insurance.



Employees today are savvy about the company’s responsibilities; and, it is not uncommon for a company of any size to experience a claim from an employee based on sexual harassment, age discrimination or wrongful termination. The damage from one of these lawsuits can even close your company down. EPLI covers the damages and legal defense costs for these types of claims.