Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

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Beat The Heat In Your Car

Even when the summer temperatures are just the perfect level of warm, you may get into your car and find that it feels like a fiery inferno. Putting on your seatbelt becomes a complicated dance of avoiding the scorching metal of the buckle, and even if you do manage to escape that burn your skin feels near blistering upon making contact with your hot seats.

Fortunately, you can take some steps to beat the heat in your car this summer. Use these tips to keep your car cool, even when parked in the California sun.

  • Seats: If you are in the process of shopping for a car right now, consider getting cloth—rather than leather—seats to avoid finding yourself in the hot seat, literally. If it is too late for that kind of choice, invest in cooling gel covers or, at the very least, keep a towel in your car to lay between the seat and your skin.
  • Windows: Did you know that even if the temperature does not break 70 outside, your car can reach the 100s in direct sunlight? This is thanks largely to your windows. Combat the heating by choosing covered parking spots whenever possible, putting up sun shades when that is not an option, and considering investing in tinted windows.
  • Air Condition: Make your AC work for you by putting it on full blast and cracking your windows as soon as you start your car. This allows the hot air to be pushed out your cracked windows as it rises. Then, once the car is cool, turn on your vehicle’s recirculating feature to keep the colder air in.

As you protect your car against the heat, let the pros protect it against damages. For all of your car insurance needs in Murrieta and the neighboring cities, contact CorMarc Insurance Services today.