Is Your Trip To Grandma’s Covered?

Is Your Trip To Grandma's Covered?

When You Take The Car On A Road Trip, Whose Insurance Provides Coverage?

If you have not yet already embarked on your holiday travels, they are likely just around the corner for you. After all the energy you expended piling friends and family into your car to get everyone to your celebration location, you are probably grateful that your friend offered to drive. In the event of an accident, though, do you know whose auto insurance would be responsible for paying for damages and associated expenses?

Your auto insurance travels with your vehicle. That means that if your friend, your cousin, or your co-worker has borrowed your car (with your permission) and gets into an accident, your policy will be the one that covers the associated repairs and medical expenses. This means that you should be especially careful about who you lend your keys to, since you trust them with your car and your auto insurance.

If you have someone, such as a significant other, who you are regularly letting drive your vehicle, make sure that your insurance provider is aware of him or her. If they drive it regularly enough, having them added to your policy can save you from major expenses and headache. If your insurance carrier learns that there is another person regularly driving your vehicle of which they were not aware, they can limit your coverage in the event that the person has a traffic accident.

Does all of this raise questions about lending out your keys or riding shotgun while another person takes the wheel in your vehicle? Contact your insurance agent. He or she can help you understand which situations are safe and which are best to avoid.

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