Classic Car Classifications

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Your Guide To Classic Cars

If you own a classic car, you know that your ride is as unique as it is a collectible. It can be frustrating to have laypeople refer to it as just another old car, so we could like to offer the following guide to classic cars. We hope it will help educate all of us so we can have a greater appreciation for your precious ride.

  • Brass Era—Pre-1915: Guess what? Brass era cars are built with extensive features crafted in brass. Beyond those features, steam engines, electric motors, or early stage internal combustion engines distinguish these cars. A great example is a 1908-1915 Ford Model T Roadster.
  • Antique Cars—Pre-1918: Exemplified by the 1917 Pierce-Arrow Model 38 Runabout, these cars are similar to brass-era vehicles except under the hood, where they use gas powered engines. Antique cars were generally mass-produced.
  • Vintage Cars—1919-1925: In this six year period after the end of World War I, the United States manufactured more cars than it would in the three decades after. The 1919 Studebaker Big Six and 1924 Ford Model T are great examples of the cars produced during this era.
  • Classic Cars—1925-1948: These cars are a favorite of collectors, as is exemplified by the excitement over 1927-1939 Aston Martins or 1946-1948 Jaguars. The most coveted classics are those set apart by some special distinguishing factor, such as an expensive price point or glamorous customizations.

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