Coverage For Your Holiday Guests

Coverage For Your Holiday Guests

Are Your Friends And Family Protected While Staying In Your Home?

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Friends and family gather to get in to the spirit of giving, and we celebrate the changing of the seasons, as we get ready to say goodbye to 2014. As you fill your home, apartment, or condo with holiday cheer and extra bodies, it is important that you enjoy the season with peace of mind. Have you ever worried that someone getting injured in your home will sour the season for you?

Although an injury would be unfortunate (and hopefully minor!), you can have some measure of peace knowing that your renter’s, condo, or homeowners insurance can help cover any associated costs. Your policy includes liability coverage so that you will be protected in case someone slips, trips, falls, or injures him or herself in another way at your home. Just in case the injured party decides to press charges, you should know that your insurance could also cover expenses associated with legally defending yourself.

Ask your insurance agent if your current policy includes coverage for medical payments to others. To make sure you can take care of all the people that you welcome into your home, you should connect with your agent and dialogue about any restrictions in your policy.

Great insurance coverage can give you the peace of mind you deserve this holiday season and into the New Year. CorMarc Insurance Services, located in Murrieta, CA, is dedicated to redefining “good service.” Contact us today to get your comprehensive review of your current policies so you can make sure you avoid any gaps in coverage. We are here to put our decades of industry experience to work for you. For superior service and specialized attention, call us today!