Dealing With Aging Parents And Their Driving

Dealing with Aging Parents and Driving

When dealing with your parents’ changing driving abilities as they age, use these tips.

It’s never an easy conversation. When the time comes to talk to your aging parents about their diminishing abilities behind the wheel, it’s not uncommon for you to feel awkward and your parents to feel threatened. You both don’t have to leave the conversation feeling that way, though! Use these tips for dealing with aging parents and their driving abilities to make sure everyone is best cared for and understood.

  • Have Actual Evidence: It’s not going to be easy for your parents to hear that they’re losing some of their driving ability. They may not want to believe it, so make sure you have actual examples to present to them.
  • Have Alternate Ideas: Instead of having your parents drive one day and be without transportation the next, come up with some other options. Suggest a senior driving course to help them stay behind the wheel longer, line up a schedule of other friends or family members to drive them around, or offer other means to prevent total transportation cut-off.
  • Have Affectionate Words: Your parents will likely feel like they’re losing a part of their freedom—if not a part of their very identity—by giving up their keys. They might balk at your suggestion they change their driving habits, and the best response you can have is one of love. Don’t get defensive; understand what a difficult transition this must be for your parents and try to coat all of your responses with care and sympathy for them.

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