Do Not Let Your Christmas Tree Ruin The Holiday!

Christmas Tree Safety Tips and Tricks

No one wants the warmth of the holiday season to be taken over by the heat of a house fire. Christmas trees can present a major fire safety issue. Keep these statistics about Christmas trees and holiday house fires in mind, to make sure your Christmas tree does not light up more than the room with its festive lights and decorations.

Statistics and information:

  • More than 200 of annual holiday house fires begin with Christmas trees.
  • Electrical failures and malfunctions were involved in half of the holiday house fires because they were too close to the tree.
  • Arsonists looking to cause some trouble, often target discarded Christmas trees.
  • Artificial trees are just as likely to be ignited by electrical malfunctions as live trees.

Safety Tips:

  • Water your live tree regularly so that it does not dry out. Drying out makes a live tree more susceptible to fire. Getting your tree as fresh as possible can also keep it safer.
  • You should take down your tree after four weeks, even if it is well watered.
  • Make sure the lights on your tree are energy efficient and do not get too hot, because they could spark a tree fire.
  • Keep your Christmas tree, artificial or live, away from any heat sources to keep it from going up in flames.
  • Turn your holiday lights off when you leave the home or go to bed to avoid any electrical problems or fires when you are not there or not in the room to monitor them.

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