How Dogs Can Take a Bite Out Of Your Home Insurance Coverage

Dog bite liability claim

The homeowners guide to using insurance to protect their family against dog bite liability claims.

If you were asked to guess the tops reasons for home insurance claims, would you think it was fire? Theft? Windstorms? While these are all definite causes of claims homeowners file, you might be surprised by another covered cause that tops the list: dog bites.

In fact, dog-related claims account for over a third of all homeowners insurance claims! Annually, canine-caused claims costs insurers about $530 million a year. The cost of these claims is only increasing, too. The Insurance Information Institute reports that the average dog bite liability claim cost $27,862 in 2013, but that number rose to $32,072 in 2014.

Even the gentlest dogs can act out of character and bite. Oftentimes, these bites occur when your furry family member is feeling scared and threatened, and he or she uses biting as a last resort to defend him or herself and your family. Even if we understand the root cause of the biting, though, it doesn’t change the fact that such an incident can cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and medical bills.

The good news is that your homeowners insurance offers your family liability coverage that can step in to pick up the bill for a dog bite liability claim, up to your policy limits! In other words, even if your beloved pooch makes a serious mistake, your family won’t have to figure out how to pay for it.

Would you like to learn more about the protection your Murrieta homeowners insurance policy offers your family, including its furry members? For insider insight into your coverage, contact CorMarc Insurance Services! We never want you to have to feel nervous about your pet being a liability, and can help give you peace of mind.