Understanding The Commonality Of Dog Bite Liability Claims

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Protection Dog Bite Liability Claims

Many individuals view their pets as an extension of their family. Your furry family member means the world to you, as you do to them. Due to this unique bond you have with your pup, instinctively, they would do anything to protect you. While you may think that your pooch would never bite anyone, it is important to take a step back and consider how far your dog would go to protect you from harm.

Dog bite liability claims are one of the most expensive claims homeowners are faced with. Unfortunately, these claims are common, simply because most dog owners do not consider the possibility of their furry family member hurting someone. However, no matter the breed, age, or gender, most dogs would do anything in the name of their owner’s protection.

To avoid the possibility of a dog bite liability claim causing financial hardship on your behalf, the first thing you need to do is train your dog properly. You should enroll your pup in behavioral classes and only allow them near guests and in public places if they listen to your every command.

The second step to safeguarding your assets from dog bite liability claims is to obtain excess liability protection. Depending on your existing coverage, it may suffice to simply increase your liability limits; however, it is always wise to consider investing in an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies increase your liability protection in increments of $1 million.

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