Do I Really Need Flood Insurance? Yes!

Flood Insurance Murrieta CA

Must-Know Information Regarding Flood Insurance

Many of us view the purchase of our homes as the most important investment of our lifetimes. Therefore, we would do anything to protect it to the fullest. While you may believe that your home is fully protected since you hold homeowners insurance, your coverage likely excludes flood damages. The only way to seek protection against one of the most common perils is to obtain an exclusive policy. We want your most important investment to receive unmatched protection, which is why we have gathered all the must-know information regarding flood insurance:

  • It is important to know that premiums for flood insurance policies do not vary much since the coverage is provided by the federal government, however, insurers do vary. You will want to choose the right insurance company to hold your flood insurance policy with since they will be the one you communicate with once it comes time to file a claim. It is highly recommended that you choose the same carrier as your homeowner’s insurance agent, as this will make it so that you only have one agent to call.
  • A very common misconception about flood insurance is that it becomes active immediately. In reality, it takes 30 days for a flood insurance policy to become effective. Therefore, you cannot try to trick your insurer by obtaining coverage right before a storm’s arrival.
  • Many homeowners assume that flood insurance policies must be paid in full, however, you can easily pay for your coverage in the form of monthly premiums.

Contact CorMarc Insurance Services in Murrieta for all of your California flood insurance needs. We will help you obtain the coverage required to prevail through storms without a worry in the world. Please keep in mind that your policy will take 30 days to become active, so it is best to act now before it is too late.