Top 10 Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

Did you know that you can improve your health by drinking your daily dose of coffee?

So that you can justify drinking your third cup of coffee before noon, here are some coffee health benefit facts! Rarely is any beverage enjoyable, delicious, and healthy!

Enjoy these facts while sipping on your favorite coffee bean blend!

Coffee can:

  • Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease: Your heart beats faster when you have caffeine, which can reduce your chances of acquiring heart disease.
  • Boost brain cells: By enabling your brain to produce more dopamine and adrenaline than usual, your brain cells improve in function, which leads to more productivity.
  • Negate the effect of sleep deprivation: For some people, just the smell of coffee beans is enough to get going!
  • Decrease the chance of having a stroke: Studies have shown that consuming two to six cups of coffee decreases the risk of having a stroke in life.
  • Burn fat: A study showed that green coffee extract was found to be a significant factor in assisting several “pre-obesity” test subjects to reach an average weight.
  • Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes: Be sure to drink unsweetened coffee, as researchers found that the chances of developing diabetes went down by 7 percent.
  • Improve memory: As well as greatly lowering the risk of acquiring degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.
  • Combat depression: Coffee is packed with antioxidants! Along side caffeine, it is unlikely to get afflicted with depression!
  • Benefit the liver: It can decrease your chance of cirrhosis of the liver by 80 percent, and reduce the risk of liver cancer by 40 percent! With this, coffee also combats the effects of alcohol on the liver!
  • Relieve pain: Studies have shown that coffee can alleviate physical pains, to a similar extent as taking ibuprofen or pain medication.

With coffee reducing the risk of diseases and health complications, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee much more! To keep your health in good condition, be sure to receive quality health insurance. For all of your California insurance needs, contact CorMarc Insurance Services, located in Murrieta, to receive the best coverage to suit your needs!