Life-Thrilling Hobbies That Won’t Cost You Your Life Insurance

If you are a fan of extreme interests, you may find that your life insurance covers you!

All of us have weird quirks and interests! While some like to knit, read, or draw, others prefer bungee jumping, rock climbing, or motorbike racing. After all, hobbies are an acquired taste!

For the thrill-seekers among us, you may be in luck! Even if you knowingly (and willingly and excitedly!) throw yourself headfirst into danger, your life insurance might still cover your nutty endeavors!

Get covered for all sorts of terrifying interests – noted below are the most popularly covered!

  • Hand-Gliding: While it may add to your life insurance premium, getting covered for floating in the sky is entirely possible.
  • Hot Air Ballooning: A giant balloon and some fire – what’s not safe?! On the contrary, rarely are there any major accidents from this activity. Either way, life insurers are set to cover incidents resulting from this!
  • Motorcycle Sports: Insurers know there are responsible riders out there. Whether you ride to work or race on the weekends, expect to pay a higher premium but maintain coverage!
  • Rock Climbing: Depending on the type of climbing you do and the risk you prefer, you can ‘climb’ your way into a life policy with the right equipment and proper caution.
  • Scuba Diving: With lessons, reliable guidance, and certification, many policies allow you to swim with the fishes while staying insured! 

Whatever your thrill-seeking activity may be, aim to get certified or licensed, wear all safety gear, and update your life insurance agent on your hobby! For coverage for your risky endeavor, contact ISU Insurance Services-CorMarc Tasman, serving Murrieta and all neighboring cities in California!