Holiday Hazards & How to Avoid Them

Holiday Hazards to Avoid This Season

Keep ‘happy’ in the ‘happy holidays’ by preventing all sorts of Christmas dangers!

While the Christmas season is meant to be one of the most joyous times of the year, there are routinely over 12,500 people who visit the emergency room due to holiday-related accidental injuries. Unfortunately, this means more time away from family, friends, and festivities while facing medical bills, health issues, and home hazards.

So that you’re all set to fully enjoy the holidays, read through the tips below to steer clear of likely seasonal dangers:

  • Christmas Tree Mold – if you are susceptible to mold, your Christmas tree may cause an allergic reaction for you. To reduce the mold count, hose your tree down outside and let it dry thoroughly before bringing it indoors. Have you considered an artificial tree? There mold count will be significantly less on these trees (but they will be missing the pine aroma!)
  • Christmas Spirits – If you’re hosting a holiday party, be sensible and keep an eye on your guests’ intake of alcohol. Never let anyone drive drunk! In addition, watch out for children who want to imitate adults by having a glass themselves!
  • Dog Desserts – Keep ingredients stored away from prying paws! Chocolate is especially toxic to your dogs so all treats and candy should be kept well away from your pets.
  • Animals’ Entrees – While pets may come to you begging for leftovers, it’s best to inform guests what they can and can’t treat your pup to! Bear in mind that turkey and gravy may be too rich for your animal to handle, whilst bones pose a large risk of choking.
  • Merry Medicine – Any overnight guests could be traveling with medication. Ensure that they store them well away from children and animals.
  • Slip ‘n’ Slide – Keep walkways clear of snow and ice with snow shovels and antifreeze. However, avoid pulling your back out or straining any muscles when doing this!
  • Light It Up – Take extra care when stringing lights whilst on a ladder. Turn all exterior and interior holiday lights off when leaving the home and overnight.
  • Cozy Fire – While tossing wrapping paper on the fireplace may seem harmless, it poses a flash fire risk. Try recycling the paper (this is environmentally friendly too!)

Before the holiday sets in, take some time to review your insurance coverages. Being protected for the holidays is not only important, but it can offer the peace of mind that you won’t face financial hardship (those shoes, on the other hand…) To get started with your insurance policies, contact ISU Insurance Services-Cormarc Tasman, serving Murrieta and all neighboring cities in California!