Don’t Panic! How to Safely Put Out a Fire at Your Home

Home Fire Safety

Extinguish a home fire by using this handy safety guide.

Of course, we should leave fires to the professionals. Always call 911 and let the pros do what they were trained to do. But some fast action in the pivotal moments when an emergency just begins can save you a lot of damage.  Knowing how to respond to a blaze is all about being able to recognize what kind of fire you have on your hands, staying calm, and taking effective action.

Step 1 – Be prepared.

Have home extinguishers available on every floor of the home so you don’t have to race up and down stairs in order to get the proper equipment.

Just as important as having an extinguisher is knowing how to use it. Be sure and read the directions of each extinguisher you might have to use. Note if it is an A:B:C extinguisher. Most are and that means they’re good to use on most fires. Know how to take off the tube and nozzle and how to point it at the base of the flame. Also, know where the trigger is and how to shut off any safety mechanisms that might stop the extinguisher from firing.

Step 2 – Identify what kind of fire you have.

Electrical fire – Did the fire start at an outlet or from some electrical wires? This is an electrical fire.

Grease Fire – Did some grease on the stove ignite while cooking? This is a grease fire.

Gas Fire – Did the fire start from a place where gas is coming out or leaking? This is a gas fire.

Step 3 – Put out the blaze.

With an electrical fire, never use water. Switch off the power and smother the flame with a non-flammable cloth or blanket. You can also use a type C fire extinguisher.

In the case of a grease fire, you should turn off the source of heat and smother the flame with a cooking lid or baking soda (you will probably have to use a lot). But don’t use water!

With a gas fire, you need to shut off the gas supply and call the gas company immediately if there might be a leak. Use a thick rug, cool water, or a fire extinguisher.

Ideally, with this guide the fire will do minimal damage. Even so, you might need to file a small claim. Make sure your homeowners insurance is up to the task by contacting ISU Insurance Services – CorMac Tasman in Murrieta, California.