Find Out if There are Gaps in Your Home Insurance

Home Insurance Gaps Murrieta, CA

Does your home insurance have gaps putting you at risk?

When deciding on your home insurance policy, it’s important to be aware of what you are getting and know if there are potential gaps in your insurance that could hurt you later. It can be difficult to navigate home insurance policies, and it’s important to not get intimidated by the details and know exactly where you’re covered – and where you’re not.

Here are some common gaps in insurance that you can look into right away.

Disasters that are not covered:

Most people know that a fire is covered, but what about a flood, or earthquake, or sewer backup? These situations can cause a lot of damage and may not be covered. They also might be available to add to your policy for relatively affordable coverage. When you consider how much it costs to come back from a flood, it might be worth it.


Your house may be covered for the amount that you paid for it, but is it covered for how much it would cost to rebuild? It could be a different story. Oftentimes, it costs more to rebuild a home than it did to buy it. Consult with a contractor who can give you an estimation of what it would cost to rebuild your home in the case of a total loss.

Expensive Items in the Home:

It’s good to know what the limits to your personal property coverage are in case your valuable objects get stolen. If you have expensive jewelry, coins, electronics, etc. in the home, it’s important to see if your existing policy limits are high enough to fully cover them. If they aren’t, then now is the time to get additional coverage so you can rest easy.

Always remember, better safe than sorry. Ask your agent every question you have! That’s what they are there for! For all of your home insurance needs in Murietta, California, contact ISU Insurance Services – CorMac Tasman.