Will My Home Insurance Pay For Living Expenses?

Home Insurance Murrieta CA

Your Murrieta, CA homeowners insurance policy can help you pay for additional living expenses like hotel rooms and meals!

You already know that your home insurance policy will step in to help you rebuild your house after a covered cause, like a fire, makes it impossible to live in. You probably even know that it can cover the cost of replacing your personal property, too.

Have you considered, though, that after a disaster strikes your home, you likely won’t be able to live there for a period of time? While your home is being rebuilt or repaired, you and your family will likely need to relocate.

As you know from your last vacation, hotel rooms can get pretty expensive. Does that mean your family will be left dipping into its savings or cramming into rooms at a kind friend or relatives place? Fortunately, the answer is no!

Your homeowners insurance policy should contain a section called additional living expenses. Read this portion carefully, as it will outline the reimbursements your insurance provider will offer you for the additional living expenses you incur while you’re unable to live in your home.

Additional living expenses isn’t just to cover your hotel or rental house bill, either. It can also help you afford to eat out, since you’ve lost use of your kitchen. Usually, your insurance provider will make up the difference between what you usually spend on food and what you spent during the time period where you lost use of your house.

Clearly, your Murrieta, CA homeowners insurance can go well beyond just protecting the physical structure of your home. At ISU Insurance Services – Cormarc Tasman, we believe that since you’re paying for this type of coverage, you deserve to understand everything it offers your family! Contact our team to talk with an expert about your policy and the different areas it covers.