Uh Oh! A Guest was Injured in Your Home Over the Holidays. Now What?

Holiday Guests & Homeowners Insurance Murrieta CA

As the holiday season wraps up, your Murrieta, CA homeowners insurance can help you wrap up issues with injured guests.

The holiday season is definitely one of the best times of year! It’s also one of the craziest. Between the mad dash to holiday parties, the crazy lines to check out of most stores, and the million to-dos like baking and wrapping that demand your attention, it’s all too easy to get spread too thin over the holidays. In fact, you might be breathing a sigh of relief that they’re wrapping up!

That’s especially true if you had someone get injured at your house. Whether that was a relative staying with you or someone who just popped by your holiday party, you know you could have an issue on your hands. Sure, you’d like to think that the injury could just be water under the bridge, but you do need to consider our litigious age. If, by some chance, your injured guests sues you, what would you do?

The good news is you wouldn’t need to do much! Your homeowners insurance policy doesn’t just protect your house and the stuff you store in it, it also covers your liability. That means that if someone tries to hold you liable for their injury, your home’s coverage will step in. It will cover the cost of legal fees, court fines, and even the settlement, all up to the liability limits you’ve laid out in your policy!

Of course, before your homeowners insurance policy can come to your rescue, you need the right policy. To make sure you’ve fully covered your home and your liability, contact ISU Insurance Services-Cormarc Tasman. Our Murrieta, California team is dedicated to serving families just like yours with the right amount of protection for their unique needs at the right price. Call us today!