Is Your Business Protected From Libel And Slander?

Murrieta Business Insurance

Every business runs the risk of being sued for defamation, which can be an extremely costly lawsuit. Do not let a false statement get you into trouble and hurt your business. Here is some information about defamation to help you protect your business.

Defamation: refers to a false statement about another person or business that causes that person or business some sort of harm. There are two different types:

  • Libel: if the false statement is written, such as in a magazine or newspaper.
  • Slander: if the false statement is spoken.

Making a defamation claim:

You must meet some criteria when you are trying to make a claim of defamation:

  • A statement, spoken or written, must have been made.
  • The statement is not true.
  • The statement caused harm or injury to a person or a company.

Defending against a defamation claim:

There are a couple of ways you can defend yourself from a defamation claim filed against you.

  • You can show that the statement is in fact true.
  • You can try to prove that the statement was an opinion, based on facts.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance can protect you from lawsuits involving defamation and cover your legal expenses in these types of cases. If your business has liability insurance, to get coverage for a defamation case, you will have to prove that the false statement was made inadvertently or unknowingly. If you knew the information was false and deliberately said or wrote it, you will likely not have coverage.

Know the type of coverage you need when getting business liability insurance by understanding your business’s risk. If you already have liability insurance, you should understand what your policy covers, because often times there are limits to liability protection.

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