How to: Protect Prized Possessions!

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Keeping your possessions safely stored and well protected.

Whether your valuable possessions include your laptop filled with family photos, your great grandma’s necklace, or your expensive golf clubs, your belongings are worth more to you than the price tag!

Therefore, protecting your valuables from theft should be at the top of your priority list. Should your items fall into the wrong hands, you could lose them forever. With theft being a major occurrence, why wouldn’t you be eager to protect your valuables?

So that you never have to risk losing your precious possessions, follow these tips below:

Home Storing

  • To store your documents, such as passports, birth certificates, tax returns, and insurance policies, it is best to store them in a fireproof safe. Safes are heavy to lift and can be bolted to the ground which makes them difficult for thieves (or anyone, for that matter) to take away!
  • Investing a good quality security system allows your home to always be protected. You are also able to keep an eye on your home whilst away!
  • Never ‘hide’ your spare house keys somewhere your porch. The hiding places are usually obvious and you are, in short, handing a key over to a burglar.

Safe Travels  

  • Use a money belt (no matter how much your children protest) to keep your important documents, cards, and money close to you.
  • Store valuables in the hotel room safety deposit box if there is one available.
  • Tempted to take expensive objects? Don’t! It’s best to leave them stored at home and safe than risk it on the road.

In the event of a theft or loss, ensure that you can fall back on your homeowners insurance policy or valuable items coverage. For your needed protection in Murrieta, California, visit ISU Insurance Services-CorMarc Tasman. Contact us to select the most suitable and affordable policy!