65th Birthday Considerations: Medicare & Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Murrieta CA

Do I Need Medicare Supplement Insurance?

If you are inching towards your 65th birthday, it is time to consider your need for Medicare. We understand this can be a confusing time in your life as you are trying to navigate the new world of health insurance, which is why we have gathered a few essential facts about Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance. Keep these guiding points in mind so that you can obtain the coverage you deserve as an informed insured:

  • What is Medicare exactly? Medicare has been helping American senior citizens pay for their essential healthcare since 1965. This coverage can only be utilized if you are not receiving health insurance from your employer or union.
  • Medicare Coverage Alphabet – Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B. Part A covers skilled nursing care, hospitalization, and specific types of home nursing care, home health services, and hospice. Part B covers important doctor visits and services that are used to prevent or detect an illness. Part C, known as Medicare Advantage, is a unique type of coverage that works as an alternative to Original Medicare. It is purchased through a private insurer. Part D includes prescription drug coverage.
  • What is not covered by Medicare? You will still be responsible for paying coinsurance, copays, and deductibles, even if you have Medicare. Vision and dental services are also not covered by Medicare.
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance – Yes, Medicare can help with a seniors’ healthcare costs but it does not cover everything. Therefore, you may need to look into a Medicare supplement insurance policy to cover the remaining healthcare expenses. This gap in expense coverage can easily be covered with a Medicare supplement insurance policy.

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