Preventing Motorcycle Theft

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Keep Your Bike Safe With These Tips

If you own a motorcycle, you know you are part of an elite club of riders who have the convenience to get (and park) just about anywhere. You are also a popular target for thieves, as motorcycles are often easier to steal and very lucrative to shop for parts or sell whole. When you consider that only about half as many stolen motorcycles are returned to their owners as stolen cars, it becomes increasingly important to protect your bike from theft. To do so, use these tips.

  • Be aware of your risk for theft. The top five targets for thieves are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson. July, August, and September are the months when the most thefts occur. If you are parking one of those motorcycles in a public area in the summer months, it is worth your while to check on it regularly.
  • Take the time to lock your ignition. Most thefts happen because the ignition is off but unlocked.
  • Be strategic about your parking spot. Lock your bike to a firmly rooted object, lock the disc brakes and forks, and wrap your locks tightly. Slack in your locks can leave room for thieves to work their way in.
  • Install a motorcycle alarm to make your ride a less easy target.
  • When you park in a parking garage, look for big cars, pillars, or other large objects to tuck your bike behind.

Should a clever thief get past your safeguards and take off with your bike, would you be in a position to replace it without financial strain? To get the motorcycle insurance you deserve, contact CorMarc Insurance Services in Murrieta, California. We are here to help you protect your motorcycle, no matter what the road ahead brings.