Protect Your Investment With Classic Car Insurance

Protect Your Investment With Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic car, chances are you have put a lot of money into it. It is not just a beautiful car, but also an investment that you are proud of! Protecting your investment with insurance is smart. Keep your classic car protected by keeping in mind this useful information about insuring collector vehicles.

What are the benefits of getting classic car insurance?

  • Agreed Value Coverage: In case of total loss, with many policies you get the full amount of the insured value of your classic car.
  • No Deductible: In most states, you pay nothing or next to nothing if you make a claim.
  • In-house Claims: A classic car insurance expert often handles your claim.
  • Restoration Coverage: You can increase the value of your classic car and its insurance during your active project.

What collector cars are covered?

  • Antiques and classic cars
  • Muscle cars
  • Exotic and special interest vehicles
  • Street rods
  • Modern classics
  • Vehicles under active restoration

Frequently asked questions about classic car insurance:

  • What is not included in most classic car insurance?

Typically classic car insurance does not cover kit cars, cars that are restored less than 50%, cars designed for racing, or cars that have a nitrous oxide or jet engine.

  • How old does your car have to be to qualify as “classic”?

A car must be at least 10 years old to be considered “classic”. This includes modified antiques and limited production vehicles. To be considered “Antique”, a car must be at least 25 years old and have no modifications.

  • How is the agreed value of your car determined?

The agreed value of your car depends on the car’s market value and the condition. You can have it appraised by classic car experts in order to determine the car’s value.

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