Cover Your Contractor With Contractor Liability Insurance

Cover Your Contractor With Contractor Liability Insurance

If you are using a contractor for a project, it can leave you liable if you do not have the right coverage to protect yourself! Contractors are often left unprotected by insurance, which can be costly for them and for those who hire them. Keep this information in mind when hiring and insuring a contractor.

Does your contractor need insurance?

  • The answer is yes. Worker’s compensation or employers liability insurance does not cover contractors or protect you from liability for a contract worker. Getting contractor liability insurance is your best bet to avoid lawsuits that deal with contract workers such as an injury that occurs to one of your contract workers on the job.

As a contractor, what should you do?

  • You should purchase contractor liability insurance. This may even be a prerequisite for those competing for the job. To perform the work, having a policy will be a great asset. If your contract worker is confident that they are protected, they are much more likely to do the job well. Knowing that you are protected in the case of a lawsuit can help to put your mind at ease. However, even with contractor liability insurance you are still liable for poor workmanship or construction defects.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no set cost for this type of insurance. It all depends on how much coverage you need. This can depend on the job and the risks associated with it. As with most insurance policies, the more claims you make, the more likely it is that your premiums will be higher.

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