Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month Murrieta CA

Use These Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Meals

March is National Nutrition Month, and is a great time to get back on track with your health-related New Year’s resolutions or other healthy goals. As the winter weather passes, give your body a fresh start this spring by eating healthy, nourishing meals. To help you on the path to better eating, use these tips.

  • Make It Easy: You are much more likely to make good eating decisions if they are easy. If you know that you can reach for carrots and a yummy, protein-stocked dip equally as easily as a bag of chips, you will find making the healthy call easier. Spend an hour each weekend prepping healthy foods so you have them ready when you are craving a snack.
  • Start Strong: Although most of us grab a small breakfast (if anything) and a quick lunch leaving most of our calories to be consumed at dinner, health experts say that eating more at the beginning of the day is better. You get the calories you need to have fuel for the day, avoiding that 2:00 p.m. workday slump and do not have to lie in bed trying to fall asleep with a too-full stomach.
  • Enjoy It: If eating healthy is miserable for you, you will not stick with it. Allow yourself to give into your cravings, just less regularly and in small portions. Do not leave yourself deprived; find ways to satisfy your cravings that will not derail your health goals.

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