Who Does Your Personal Umbrella Policy Cover?

Personal Umbrella Insurance Murrieta CA

Understanding Where Your Umbrella Extends

When you invest in a personal umbrella policy, you buy yourself significant peace of mind. Your umbrella policy overextends all of your existing insurance policies, ensuring that if they hit their policy limits you have alternative coverage to step in and pick up the bill. In short, your umbrella policy offers you full protection.

Does it offer the same to anyone else? It turns out that your personal umbrella policy can protect your entire family, with some exceptions. Here is a quick guide.

In general, your policy will cover anyone living in your household—spouse, dependents, relatives—provided they do not have coverage of their own. This means that damages your son or daughter causes during an accident will be covered until the point they branch out and get their own auto insurance policy. Once your kids are on their own policies, they need their own personal umbrella policies to protect them.

The best thing you can do to understand exactly where the coverage offered by your personal umbrella policy extends is talk to your insurance agent. He or she will be able to review all of the different policies you and your family are carrying, identifying any areas in which you are potentially exposed.

If you are ready to talk to an insurance expert about protecting your family with umbrella insurance, contact CorMarc Insurance Services. We serve Murrieta and the surrounding California area and are here to ensure the insurance policies you carry pair together to offer your family complete protection. To learn more about getting full coverage, call us today.