Poisons For Pets Hidden In Your Home

Harmful Hidden Poisons In Your Home For Pets

Protect your pets by keeping these in-home poisons away from them!

As a pet owner, you have a thing or two to worry about. Is your pet getting enough exercise? Will he or she play nicely with the dog approaching on your walk? Are you feeding him or her the right food?

With all the considerations you have for your four-legged friend, you just don’t need to add worry about serious sickness to the list! Protect your pets against common household poisons by keeping these toxic items out of reach.

  • Antifreeze: Okay, we know you’re obviously not going to try to expose your pet to antifreeze. The problem, though, is that antifreeze smells and tastes sweet so your pet could be attracted to it. Keep your antifreeze in a pet-proof container on a high shelf, and be very diligent about wiping up any drips or leaks from your garage floor or driveway.
  • Ibuprofen: While this pain killer gives you relief, it could be an actual killer for your pets. In fact, just one 200 mg tablet of ibuprofen could be fatal for a cat! It’s not safe for dogs either, as it inhibits blood flow to the kidneys and harms pets’ stomach lining, so make sure you keep your pills out of the reach of pets and grab any dropped on the floor quickly!
  • Cocoa Mulch: Mulch can have a nasty smell, so more and more people are turning to cocoa mulch which smells like (surprise!) chocolate. It actually contains the caffeine and theobromine that make chocolate toxic for dogs, though, so it’s not a good idea for dog owners who plan to let their pooch play in the yard.

We hope this guide helps you protect your furry family member against harmful substances! While you protect your pet, who is protecting you? To get the insurance coverage you need to protect what matters most, contact ISU Insurance Services – Cormarc Tasman. Our dedicated staff of agents serves Murrieta and the nearby California cities and can lend our years of experience to you!