Power Outage Food Spoilage: Is It Covered by Home Insurance?

Power Outages & Home Insurance Murrieta, CA

Did you know your homeowners insurance policy could pay for food that spoils during a power outage?

Blackouts happen.  Usually they only last a little while, but what if it lasts long enough to spoil an entire fridge full of groceries?  It’s not uncommon that the day after going to the store, there’s a good $300 worth of food in there for the whole family.

Good news!  Your home insurance may cover this spoilage. You’ll likely be able to have up to $500 worth of groceries covered in such a situation. Especially after a trip to a fancy organic grocery store, there can be quite a bounty in your refrigerator.

You may not be covered if you knew that your fridge was about to die and you didn’t do anything about it. If there is any negligence on your part, the insurer will likely find out and you will not be covered.

Keep your fridge in good working order by taking these precautionary measures.

  • Keep your fridge in the happy temp zone. That means about 40 degrees Fahrenheit for your fridge and 0 degrees Fahrenheit for your freezer. If the temp is not around this zone, your food can go bad.
  • Regularly clean the coils. Dust bunnies can make your fridge less efficient. Bust out the vacuum and suck up those bunnies!
  • Check that the seals around the outside of the fridge are tight so that cool air doesn’t seep out. We know it sounds tedious, but use some baking soda and a toothbrush to really scrub those seals. This will take care of any odor and really make those seals their most effective.

If your fridge does break down, or if the power goes out, try and save your food by limiting the number of times that you open the door.  Your food will be okay for a few hours. After that, it’s time to call your home insurance provider.

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