Get Your Car Winter Ready

Prepping Your Automobile for Winter

While Murrieta, CA isn’t known for snow and rain, prep your car for cooler weather ahead!

Whether you’re staying in California over the winter holiday or heading to a snowy state, it’s important to note that the cooler weather has a surprisingly large effect on our vehicles. Therefore, protecting and prepping them is that much more important.

Read below for car maintenance tips on how to keep your car running smoothly through winter and beyond!

  1. Get an oil change! Oil tends to thicken as it gets colder so if it’s too thick it won’t do the best job of keeping your engine lubricated.
  2. Replace your wiper blades. With rain, sleet, fog, and darker nights, your visibility will be decreased, thus good wiper blades are essential for clearing your windshield.
  3. Hire a pro to check your battery. Avoid having to jump start your car on the side of the road this winter, check that it is corrosion-free and in good health!
  4. Check your tires. In this area, you should ensure that your tires’ tread will see you through winter. If not, opt for new tires! Keep an eye on tire pressure, too as cooler weather can cause the air pressure to drop.
  5. Examine your belt and hoses. Get a full service on your car and make sure belts and hoses get checked for wear and tear. Cold weather can cause a lot of strain on these parts of your car, so best to be safe than sorry!
  6. Store an emergency kit. Just in case you are greeted with the unexpected, prepare a kit that stores all of the essentials: blankets, non-perishable food, water, ice scraper, shovel, flashlights and batteries, jumper cables, a spare tire, a small tank of gas, and a first-aid kit.
  7. Review your auto insurance. Keep you safe behind the wheel and on the roads by reviewing your coverage!

When deciding on how much policy you can pay for, contact ISU Insurance Services-CorMarc Tasman in Murrieta, California. Our trusted insurance experts can provide you with auto insurance suitable for you, your vehicle, and finances!