Prevent and Protect Your Identity from Scams

Protecting Your Identity From Scams

Identity theft and and debt tagging can injure your credit score and bank accounts, so make sure you’re protected!

Your online identity is everything from your name, driving license number, and credit card details. If a scammer were to get ahold of this information you could suffer from bogus applications, credit card charges, a lowered credit score, and numerous accounts opened in your name.

How Do Fake Debts Occur?

False charges on your account can mean that your identity has been compromised, and someone is running your card. It could also be a result of an error from the debt collector thinking you are someone else. This charge is tagged to your credit history, causing you to look like you are in debt. Be sure to resolve this issue properly as if this debt goes unpaid, your credit score will lower significantly.

Take Action

While you are not required to pay any charges that are in dispute, it is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Alert your bank when you see an unauthorized charge posted to your account, and they will advise you on the next step. Breaches of your credit card information and debt tagging can have long-term negative effects if they are not handled quickly and efficiently.

The Best Protection Is Prevention

With identity restoration coverage, you don’t have to tolerate the frustration of resolving wrongful debts and credit card charges on your own. At CorMarc Insurance Services, located in Murrieta, California, we contact your credit agencies on your behalf and ensure that the incorrect information is removed from your credit lines. As well as this personalized assistance, we can provide reimbursement for the expenses that may incur as dispute charges, as well as legal fees, lost wages, or postage costs.

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