Start Saving Big With These Free Apps

Savings & Phone Apps

Using these apps can help you stick to your savings budget.

Staying on budget is easier said than done. Luckily, there are tons of smartphone apps that are available that can help your bank account start growing. Download one of these free smartphone apps and start enjoying your savings.

Level – this easy to navigate app will automatically update you throughout the day on how much cash you have to spend. It syncs with your checking or savings account, and then figures out how much you will have left after deducting what you have already spent for the day. It uses those numbers to estimate how much you have to spend each week and month.

Unsplurge — this app allows you to focus on your savings with community and visual elements. After entering what you want to save for and an amount, you will be able to upload a picture. It will then track your progress while showing you visualizations, helping make your goal much more tangible.

Daily Budget – this app will calculate a daily budget for you based on your income and recurring expenses, such as insurance, gas, and rent. It will also ask you what percentage of your income you want to put towards savings.

Acorns – if you are looking to go beyond a simple savings plan, Acorns is for you. The app uses “round-ups” to help you start investing. Each transaction will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference will be automatically invested. You are able to choose how your money will be invested.

Digit — an app that operates on the Web and communicates through text messages. It will connect directly to your bank accounts and send you daily texts to let you know your balances.

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