Find Out if There are Gaps in Your Home Insurance

Does your home insurance have gaps putting you at risk? When deciding on your home insurance policy, it’s important to be aware of what you are getting and know if there are potential gaps in your insurance that could hurt you later. It can be difficult to navigate home insurance policies, and it’s important to Read More >

Power Outage Food Spoilage: Is It Covered by Home Insurance?

Did you know your homeowners insurance policy could pay for food that spoils during a power outage? Blackouts happen.  Usually they only last a little while, but what if it lasts long enough to spoil an entire fridge full of groceries?  It’s not uncommon that the day after going to the store, there’s a good Read More >

Will My Home Insurance Pay For Living Expenses?

Your Murrieta, CA homeowners insurance policy can help you pay for additional living expenses like hotel rooms and meals! You already know that your home insurance policy will step in to help you rebuild your house after a covered cause, like a fire, makes it impossible to live in. You probably even know that it Read More >

How Dogs Can Take a Bite Out Of Your Home Insurance Coverage

The homeowners guide to using insurance to protect their family against dog bite liability claims. If you were asked to guess the tops reasons for home insurance claims, would you think it was fire? Theft? Windstorms? While these are all definite causes of claims homeowners file, you might be surprised by another covered cause that Read More >